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AllXClub:: 'Unlimited' Video-On-Demand (VOD) is the new standard for online adult entertainment. VOD allows the user to access thousands of videos online and stream or download the content immediately in hi-resolution. AllXClub -VOD has over 3,000 videos in our library with new content being added daily. Search any genre or preference and immediately be presented with what you wanted in real-time. Download entire movies, scenes or create your own, in DVD quality. There are no restrictions on the amount of videos you can watch or download. It's simply amazing!

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AllXClub pays you, the Club Member, 50% of the gross revenues received, from monthly club product and services revenue.

We pay you using a real compensation plan, a plan that is well respected and recognized as one of the top ways to earn money through network marketing. AllXClub combines three powerful forces: Adult Content, Network Marketing & the Internet. This has never been done before and is without a doubt the Hottest combination of Internet Opportunities ever.

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